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The Heckman family serving the Lord in Haiti at Emmaus Biblical Seminary

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Fall at Emmaus!

After finishing the first half of the semester at Emmaus, our family and the Ayars family traveled to spend our fall break in the Dominican Republic!

It was a perfect little trip, quiet and restful.

My lovely family...

Since not all of us were going to be present for Halloween this year, we did a little party a couple weeks before!

Its always a blast to see what everyone comes up with for costumes!

There is a new family moving a few minutes away from the seminary, and we are so excited to have them so close! The Hari family have been good friends, and we can't wait to see how God uses our friendship with them!

Dad has been using his creativity to help beautify the seminary since we moved here, and these are his latest projects! He bends the metal, and welds everything together to make these little masterpieces (that the students love)!

We have been getting non-stop rain. 
In the past two and a half weeks I'm not sure that we have gone a day without it raining, which means we have to make a place for all that water to go, or else there is mud everywhere. Dad just started making this much-needed canal for the rain!

On a completely unrelated topic, Nora is adorable (as you already know). 
Pepper is now her best friend :)

We love visiting different churches every Sunday, and supporting our staff and students by attending their services!

It's such a wonderful experience to worship in another language, and to glorify God with our Haitian brothers and sisters. 

The Masters program has started again, bringing VP, Joyce, to come teach! Students are loving her class so far! We have over 20 students enrolled in the program!

I'm also excited to announce that Matt is officially a Dr!!!  We are so proud of him for this awesome accomplishment. 
Of course we are ready for him to begin diagnosing all of our medical problems :)

We are going to be partnering with Empower Global next week, an organization right down the street from EBS! They are bringing in a team of doctors and nurses from Canada and we are hosting them on our campus. They will be working in their clinic for the week and all next week we will do VBS for kids around the village!! We will also be doing a mobile medical clinic in Flavil, at Pastor Belony's church, next Saturday.

Please be praying for the team, that they would have safe travels, and that God would use them to bring hope and healing to the people of Haiti through the medical clinics. Also lift up us as well as our students as we work with the kids and share God's love with them!

Thanks for reading!

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