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The Heckman family serving the Lord in Haiti at Emmaus Biblical Seminary

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Harvest Bible Chapel Team!

Ever since November when this team came last year, we have been waiting for March 2017 for Harvest's medical team to visit again. March came and went in a whirlwind! We were so busy with this team but it was a blast!

We took them to one of our favorite churches on Sunday morning...

And straight to the beach afterward!

One of my Mom's former youth group girls, (now good friend!) Sabrina, came the same week as the team for a mission's trip over spring break!

She decided she wanted to be baptized while she was here and it was an awesome experience!

All week I worked as a translator for the dentist, and Sabrina assisted him alongside of another sweet team member, Nicole!

 As well as working in the main clinic Jehovah Rapha, we did mobile clinics in different villages...

With lunch at the mobile clinic we had coconuts!

Transporting all the supplies for the clinics was quite the adventure...

The kids loved playing soccer while waiting their turn to see the doctors!

Natalie and I <3

We did one at Granny's church, and Stacey accompanied us as one of our translators!

Consultations were done in the classrooms of the school by the church... 
We set up our little dentist's station on the stage of the church...

There was an old woman who came up to the clinic with a baby. Come to find out she was the grandma of the one-month-old little baby. Apparently the mother was only 14, and she abandoned the baby. The baby hadn't eaten in several days but was surprisingly healthy. I went with Grandma to the pharmacy to get the baby some electrolyte packets, and then I was able to feed the little guy through a syringe. Granny ended up sending someone into town to buy some formula for him. 
He is so precious. 

After a week of hard work and new friendships, of lots of healing and helping, the Harvest team returned to their home in Canada, and Sabrina returned to the States! 

Thanks for reading! Be looking for another blog soon!!

Friday, March 17, 2017

This year so far...

I'm sorry its been such a long time since I've last posted, we've been so busy! Here's what we have been up to so far this year...

This semester Mom taught an intensive Christian Counseling class at the seminary...

Everyone loved the class and really enjoyed learning how to counsel people in their churches!

Last month we had a team from Sharptown church come!

They cooked meals for us every night and were such a blessing 

The guys played basketball with the students...

They even got to visit Linsey at Streethearts!

We did a conversational English night where we split into groups and they got to meet the students!

Love these guys <3

They had great conversations and it was lots of fun

Since Andy and Dawn Buzby were here(!), lots of garden work was done and lots of seeds were planted!

We went to Micheline's church on that Sunday...

It was a beautiful service and a blessing to be a part of.

Thank you guys for coming! We loved having you <3

Haiti's beauty breath-taking even when you see it everyday

Our beloved Boone passed a few weeks ago. He was such a good dog to our families. He was loyal and devoted to his job as guard dog.

We needed a new dog to do Boone's old job, so after lots of research we bought a little female rottwelier mix from a breeder in Petit-Anse. 

Her name is Sadie and she has already won a place in our hearts <3

This past week we had a team from West Park Church!

During their time here they painted our administration building...

And the Ayars girlies helped too ;) 

We hiked to church in DuFour, and the service was beautiful. We had to bring our own chairs as you can see...

One day we had another conversational English night which is always a blast. 
We split into groups and just talked away... 

...and laughed...

...and prayed.

We visited Streethearts, and what you get to experience when you go there is incredible. 

The children are talkative and crazy, but also very giving and sweet <3

They love pictures too!

After a lovely week of hard work, games, and good times together, the team journeyed back to their Jersey home. Thank you guys for coming! You are always welcome here. 

Thanks for reading :)