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The Heckman family serving the Lord in Haiti at Emmaus Biblical Seminary

Sunday, December 4, 2016

A Very Busy Fall

I thought I'd start this blog with some lovely pictures of this beautiful country...

So if you haven't heard already, we have had tons of rain. And I mean TONS.

Now this is quite strange for Haiti, usually we have warm, sunny days, and in the evening we will have a quiet, steady shower this time of year.

(I don't think the froggies mind the rain :)

But for the past month or so, we have been getting rain, all. day. long. Pounding on the tin roofs of all the little huts in northern Haiti, flooding the streets, soaking the ground. Fortunately, this past week it seems to be letting up, drizzling only occasionally.

Jumping back to my last blog, you might remember me mentioning a medical team that was coming from Canada. Well they came, and it was amazing. We worked at Empower Global's clinic "Jehovah Rapha" for the week, while also doing mobile medical clinics for the three days. After working all day as a translator for the team, it was comforting to know that so many people would be falling asleep that night with no pain. No pain because of the labor of this hardworking team. 

In the afternoons while the team was here, my Mom and a bunch of students did a VBS for the children in a nearby village.

They played games, sang songs, watched the Jesus film in Creole, and read from children's Haitian Bibles, and as you can see, had a blast!

Nora loves visitors :) 

After a long, quite successful week, we all sat around a campfire and enjoyed one another's company. We are so thankful for this team, and their effort to make Haiti a healthier place.

Thanksgiving with all of our OMS Haiti friends was a success (as always!). 
We all get together and each share something we are thankful for, and this year the topic was God. What are we thankful for about God? What part of His vast being do we love most? It was really cool to hear all of our fellow missionaries share.

After eating a delightful meal with everyone, we played volleyball on our basketball court, we talked and laughed. Together.

December already, huh? It's crazy how quickly this half of the school year has gone by. As you may already know from past blogs, at the end of the year, we always have soccer matches between classes.

My very favorite of our Emmaus games was this one, 
when our wonderful second-years made it into the finals!

As you can tell, they are all very excited :)

Also, we had our first ever basketball game between students and staff!

With December comes Christmas, decorating, 
and listening to music that never really gets old :)

Thank you for reading this blog, 
and have a splendid rest of December from our family to yours <3

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