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The Heckman family serving the Lord in Haiti at Emmaus Biblical Seminary

Monday, October 3, 2016

A Much Needed Update

Sorry I have neglected the blog recently... We have been busy this past month!

For the second round of VPs that came, Pastor Dave (from West Park Church... the church my mom grew up in and the one I attended for my first 7 years of life) came to teach! It was such a blessing to have him here with us, and to share our lives with him during the two weeks he was on campus!

He preached in chapel, which was extra special since we haven't heard him preach in years...

His object lessons really helped our students to engage, and they also loved seeing Matt like this :)

While he was here we had the chance to visit the church in Fev, and he preached there too!

{Nora's growing up too fast} 

I love that church, and I was really glad to share the experience there with him.

Thank you for coming Dave :)

The other day Mom and I went into town with some good friends to visit the market!

It was really special getting to walk down the streets of Cap,
 and see the hidden beauty of the city...

The ladies just set up shelves and stacked all their merchandise right by the road...

I love this wall

My favorite was the produce market. 
They just laid all the fruit and veggies on the sidewalk, and the fruit was de-lic-ious. 

Mom and I after chapel :) <3

We kicked off our fall season by celebrating Matt's birthday with his precious family. 
{Kinda looks like it's Lily's birthday here, huh?}

I'm sure most of you have heard about Hurricane Matthew... 
Please pray for the people in Haiti who are poor and have limited resources to protect them from the storm. We appreciate your love and support.

That's all for now... Thanks for reading!


  1. You and all of Haiti have been heavy in my heart and prayers all day. I just came on hoping to see (hear) an update and so pleasantly surprised to read this. Janice Lupton

  2. Hi Hayley and family, As always I enjoyed all of your pictures and words that accompany them. Glad you got to visit with Rev.Strope and he got to see all of your friends. We will be praying that the storm is not as bad as predicted and you are all safe and not a great amount of damage. Take care!