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The Heckman family serving the Lord in Haiti at Emmaus Biblical Seminary

Thursday, September 1, 2016

UK team and Start of the School Year at Emmaus

Haiti never ceases to amaze me.

So we started out our visitor season right off the bat this year...

A couple days after we got back from the U.S., we had a team come from Northern Ireland to Emmaus!

We had a blast playing games with them, making fun of each other's accents and having fun just being together, learning about each other's countries and cultures. 

Figured I'd throw in this lovely baby pineapple from our garden for fun :)

Chapel is always wonderful, but its even more special having visitors here to experience our students singing loudly in their native language, dancing and praising God with no shame. 

One of the things the teams helped us with was painting the library! In a couple years all of our buildings will be different fun Caribbean colors on campus :)

So one of the team members was a midwife, so I accompanied her to the clinic down the street a couple days and and we worked with babies and pregnant mamas! 

We also started painting our house!

Visiting professor season has begun, and we are loving it. Its so cool to share our lives with these wonderful people from around the world, who come to teach our beloved students at EBS. 

One of my very good friends, Phida, and me. 

We did a medical clinic in Fev, which was incredibly chaotic as usual, but so worth it. These people live far from the city, with little to no medical care available to them. Its always cool bringing physical healing and the wonderful Gospel to people through these clinics. 
(In this picture you see Julie and me working in our make-shift pharmacy.)

One afternoon, Stacey took the team and a couple students up to Coup-a-David, a mountain church pastored by one of our alumni at Emmaus.

To get there you drive for a bit, but then you hike the rest of the way through little villages, over hill after hill, through streams, through trees until you finally arrive at the little church on the mountain.
Sadly the team's stay here had to come to a close... But I'm hoping they will come back soon. 

We just finished up our first round of VPs here at EBS.... Can't wait until our next round is here!

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