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The Heckman family serving the Lord in Haiti at Emmaus Biblical Seminary

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A Trip to Port-au-Prince

So this past Sunday, the Ayars, Ethan and I all traveled by car to Port-au-Prince, Haiti's capital (the Ayars kindly invited us to tag along)! 

It was a gorgeous drive, mostly mountain after glorious mountain, but for a little while we drove along the turquoise ocean!

Here three charcoal ladies sit wearing all black clothing so they don't stain their clothes.

There was so much art-work and graffiti throughout Port.

Do you see the blob at the end of the road? Those are little houses stretching across the mountain in both directions.

Mountain-top view of Port. It is SO much bigger than Cap-Haitian!

We got high enough in the clouds that this rose was able to grow (because it was a LOT cooler up there).

Here we are standing on one mountain looking at the other, and this looming cloud just hovered precariously, almost teasing us.

At the Baptist Haiti Mission, they had a cute little flower shop where I bought some plants to take back to Dad! (If you don't know him, he's CRAZY about plants!)

Here is the ONLY place you will find a guardrail, in the middle of nowhere.

As our van climbed higher and higher we started to enter a pine forest! (You can't find them anywhere else in Haiti.)

Then we arrived at a cozy little place called "the Lodge" where there were beautiful can't-be-found-in-Cap-flowers everywhere!

This would have made my dreams come true if I saw this when I was little. (Pink AND purple on the same flower?!?!)

After a very relaxing hour at the Lodge we traveled back to Greg and Cathy Benson's house, who graciously let us stay with them! (Stacey is really close with them, since they were the ones she interned with when she first came to Haiti.) On the ride back, I saw this cute little road-side market.

This is probably my favorite picture.

Mountain after mountain after mountain....

Since Port is the capital, it is (1) a lot more patriotic, and (2) it's more modern then Cap, which means there were tons of Walmart-like stores. That of course made Sofie believe we were NOT in Haiti. On the ride back home she kept asking, "Are we in Haiti yet?". What a cutie.

We had a great time in Port, but I am thankful to be home again!

Thank you for reading this blog!

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  1. When we first moved to the north from LaGonave...it took Anna years to remember that we were still in Haiti. She thought LaGonave was Haiti. Thanks for sharing.