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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Start of Team Season

 So, as you can tell by the title, this week was the start of team season here at Emmaus! Our first team of the summer was the group from Calvary United Methodist Church (they came last year if you remember...)! 


Thanks to the hard work of Matt McCormick, Kevin and Benjamin from Tech Center, my Dad and Mom, Matt Ayars, and the team, all the solar panels are up and running efficiently! 

This team was a blast, and I know we were all blessed by their presence here at the seminary.

They even made it to Sofie's birthday party! She just turned 5! (Can you believe that?? I mean. when we first moved here she was barely two years old!)

I think the best part of the trip was church at Fev. They were celebrating their one-year anniversary as a church, and I have never been to a more beautiful service. I sang with my Haitian brothers and sisters in Creole until I had no voice left, we danced and Hallelujah-ed, we swayed and prayed together, it was beautiful.

Walnique (the pastor of the church in Fev) asked my Mom and me to sing a song in English (the whole service was about worshiping God together). I always enjoy singing with her. The best part was that all of our EBS students were singing along with us (they remembered the song from chapel)! It was incredibly encouraging to hear all of their voices with ours.

At one point in the service a lady stood up and said she wanted to be a Christian. I loved watching our students surround her at different times and pray with her. 

After that lovely couple of hours, we took the team out for lunch and the pool!

It was truly a great week and a brilliant start to this team season! We love you guys from Calvary UMC in Illinois and can't wait for you to come back next year :)  (And this time, hopefully a pothole in the runway won't delay your return home... although we enjoyed the extra day with you all!)

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