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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A Little Bit of Everything

To start off, I just want to thank everyone who supported the making of this basketball court! It has been used non-stop since the day Dad told them they could use it! 

I actually didn't even like basketball before this court. I have been practicing a lot with Ethan, and I can officially say I know how to throw the ball now :)

I feel like these past few months have been full of accomplishments! So much has been done from the basketball court, to the new computer lab, to the starting of the solar project! 

Now for a shout out to ANDREW!!! You've done a lot since coming here, from painting gates to putting up signs (and SO much more!).

You've really helped to lighten my Dad's load by mowing  the lawn, and helping landscape!

I have LOVED life at the seminary (if you didn't already know that!). I feel like we just keep growing  
spiritually, and maturing in our faith!     

I love Emmaus Sundays, when the students visit other churches and lead the services. 

I've been getting to know different students better and have really enjoyed hanging out with them. 
(Here I am riding in the back of the Ayars' truck with a bunch of students, which was a blast!)

As for Rosa, she is currently at her home in New Jersey with family! (Don't worry, she's coming back!) Before she left we visited Belony's church. (He's one of our staff members at Emmaus.)
Of course, wherever Rosa goes she magically finds a baby to hold!

After the service Belony asked the young women to stay back for a bit. We went to one of the classrooms and Rosa shared her story with them, and encouraged them. It was really nice to hear the girls ask Rosa different questions about her testimony.

The Ayars family have been wonderful neighbors and great friends. 
(And their girls are growing up SO fast!)

Nora gets cuter and cuter by the day, and she has grown close friends with Pepper!

A couple weeks ago Mom, Rosa and Ethan traveled to Port-au-Prince so Ethan could take his first shot at the ACT test! They got to meet up with Junior which was so nice!

While they were away Dad and I spent the weekend together, and we worked on preparing our garden! We tilled, shoveled, and planted seeds!

After they got back, we took a trip to the beach...
If you don't know my family well.... here is the picture that says it all :)

Andrew decided to reaffirm his faith by having Matt baptize him. He had already been baptized as a baby, but he wanted to show that it's his personal desire to follow Christ!

Thanks for reading this blog! 

Stay tuned for another blog about the end of the school year at Emmaus!

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