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Saturday, January 16, 2016

The West Park UMC Team...

So I've finally gotten around to doing the blog for the team that was here last week from West Park UMC! 

Lily was super excited since they came on her birthday!

Even Nora had fun!

After church on the second day, we went to the beach, which is always a blast!

The guys with their dorky swimming gear :)
(and Lily too!)

The girls painted...

And the guys pretty much did every thing Dad needed them to do!

We took them to Kids Alive, where we played with the kids all afternoon after that morning of hard work....
Some of the colored with the younger kids!

We showed some of the kids how to hit a baseball, which they found both difficult and fun!

Mom and I with this lovely little girl!

Casey pushing the kids on the tire swing!

The guys played a big game of soccer with them too!

One of the nights we had our sweet Haitian friends make us a big Haitian meal for us, and it was SO good!

We went to the Citadel with the team too! The hike was very hot but I think it was worth it.

 The group holding the much-heavier-than-they-look cannon balls...

This team was so helpful and such a blessing to be with! 
So thankful they got to come!

Stay tuned for another blog soon!

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