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The Heckman family serving the Lord in Haiti at Emmaus Biblical Seminary

Friday, February 5, 2016

A New Fire

So I know this is kinda late but...
Recently while praying I asked God to give me a clean slate and a new start. I asked Him to kindle a new fire in heart so that I may be a light and a blessing to others. The day after I prayed this prayer my mom asked me about my thoughts on baptism. I said I wanted to be baptized soon, and in Haiti at Cormier beach. She then tells me that we were going to Cormier this Saturday (the 30th). I felt like God was telling me, "YES, be baptized this Saturday,".
What better a way to start this new fire in my heart than to be baptized? 
I was excited, and went to ask Ethan how he felt about being baptized. He told me he wanted to be baptized with me!

So that day we went to the beach with our lovely visiting professors, and had the wonderful privilege of being baptized by Matt!

Ethan went first...

This is when I confessed of faith...

I felt God's presence as I went under the water...

And I was filled with joy when I came up.

That day is one that I will always remember.

I almost cried when we prayed together,
but I kept it together :)

Please pray for Ethan and I as we start our new lives as young Christians!


  1. Such a great thing to do with the family! Praying for you and Ethan! So excited for you guys =)

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