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The Heckman family serving the Lord in Haiti at Emmaus Biblical Seminary

Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Year Is Coming To A Close...

It's crazy how quickly November flew by for us in Haiti. I absolutely love the end of the school year here at Emmaus! We have a talent show, soccer tournaments, relay races, and a big Christmas party together with our students and staff....

As you probably remember me saying in my other blog (if you read it of course),
I love this seminary. I love our staff. And I love our students.

 I'm rejoicing because God has blessed me with such a great family. Not just Mom, Dad, Rosa and Ethan, but our fellow missionaries, and everyone who is here at the seminary.

 I recently went on a one day missions trip with Rosa and the students to an orphanage for handicapped children.
It was a humbling, heart-wrenching, but truly amazing experience. I'm not gonna go into specifics with you, but if you want to know more about our experience there, visit Stacey's blog:
Here's a few pictures anyway (they might be on her blog as well)

Now back to the end of the year at the seminary....

To start off the soccer tournaments we had our staff vs. student match! Usually, since our staff are all older than our students, they lose pretty much every year. But this year, we had Rosa join the team (which everyone wasn't too sure about at first since girls don't play soccer in Haiti), and she scored the winning goal for the staff! 

My momma's cousin Anna came for a week for a visit, which we all enjoyed so much! 

We had our lovely staff Christmas party that I look forward to every year! Everyone loved the games
(as you can tell from the picture!)...

We played limbo again this year, and I won! Woohoo!

Here's the group...

And of course with Christmas time comes Christmas cookies! Had a blast making these with Rosa and Mom!

I absolutely loved our talent show this year,
and so did the students (as you can tell)...

We had one of the most amazing Christmas services ever (haha, in my opinion)...
We had several students read scripture passages and we sang a bunch of English Christmas songs with them. They loved it, and we loved it.

Every year we get new first year students, and they have to get "baptized" into the seminary by their fellow students, which means being teased for an entire day. It's a Haitian tradition and it's apparently very necessary to do for them to be accepted into the family... 
It was hilarious to watch them get squirted with water and get flour thrown on them :)
The best part was that the first years loved it too!

Had such a great year and I'm so excited for next year...

Hope you enjoyed this blog, be looking for the next one!

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  1. Loved your pics and all your comments...sounds like it was fun for all who participated. Hope you all have a Merry
    Christmas! Enjoy Amanda's visit. Happy 2016! Love, Mary Margaret