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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Festivities at EBS!... and Advent Day #11- Red Reminds Us

BOY!  Today has been FULL!

We had the annual Christmas party... which was a blast, as is ANY get-together with our students!

(Musical Chairs!)

And then this evening, after baking LOTS of cookies and gathering decorations and blowing up balloons, and putting together fun little presents, we gathered at the Ayars house (where Stacey spent the last two days working hard decorating and wrapping and baking!) for our Staff Christmas Party!  And THAT was a BLAST!

Starting with an opening prayer and thanks from Matt, we moved into a time of games!  

We opened with an always-exciting-and-very-active balloon game... which ended with Simeon and Maxi on the floor!!

And then we moved to the Limbo, which was a HUGE hit!!!

The Winners!  (Lucner, Haylie and Junior)

We closed with a present game (white elephant) that was super exciting too!  

And took a big group picture with everyone! (...sad that FanFan, Claudin, and Belony couldn't be with us- we missed them!). 
I am SO thankful to have the opportunity to serve alongside of these amazing people!!! 

Because I am SO tired, I am going to keep the devotional part short... but I certainly couldn't leave it out, because today's story is really good!

Today, we looked at the story of Rahab, the prostitute who put her trust in God and helped the spies Joshua sent into Jericho to spy out the land.  Because of her belief and trust in God, she and her whole family were spared... 

by placing a red rope out her window, Israel knew not to hurt her family...
and Rahab becomes part of the very lineage of Jesus.  NOT the person one might expect, huh?

What this story reminds us is that God has the power to turn ANYONE'S life around.  He asks us to put our faith and trust in Him and allow His Spirit to do the work in our lives.  

That red rope was a symbol of Rahab's trust in God... that He would save her.  That red rope reminds us of Jesus, our lifeline (our red rope) that leads to salvation, if we would just trust in Him!

Whenever you see red this Christmas (which is OFTEN!), let it remind you of Rahab and her faith in God. May it encourage you to continue to trust Him and encourage you to share the Good News with others... remembering that God is powerful and, like Rahab, He can change anyone's life and redeem even the darkest of circumstances! 

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