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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Advent Day #13- Humble Beginnings

I have always loved the story of young David turned King of Israel.  He was the least likely candidate... the runt of the litter... the shepherd boy.  And God chose HIM to be His representative to His people... their King.... and through this King, all humanity would be blessed.

Why I love this story is because it speaks to all of us.  So many times I have felt undeserving of God's blessings, under-qualified to do His work...

And yet He whispers to us... through David's story... that NO ONE is too small, too weak, too uneducated, too broken to be used by Him for His glory.  David's faith is what drew God to choose him.

David's heart is what mattered.  And His heart was like God's heart.

And Jesus too was the unlikely choice in the eyes of the religious leaders of His day.  He was a carpenter, the son of Joseph, born in a manger in Bethlehem, grew up in Nazareth...

He was poor and homeless.. He ate with sinners and hung out with tax collectors.

But Jesus' humble beginnings led to a life of humility which led to a humble death on a cross... for us. For you and for me.

No matter how many times I hear that, I am always humbled that He would choose ME!

Just as God chose David... He chose Jesus. Jesus represented all of us as He went to His death for our sins.

And just as God chose David.... He chooses us.  We are His representatives to the world. We are called to point others to Jesus.

May we use the season of Christmas as an opportunity to introduce people to the True King, our Savior, Jesus Christ.

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