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The Heckman family serving the Lord in Haiti at Emmaus Biblical Seminary

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The End of the School Year

I simply cannot believe that this school year has come to a close. Already. 

The past several weeks have been full (and I mean FULL) of Emmaus events that mark the end of the academic year. 

We haven't gone to the beach much this year due to all the rain we've gotten, though we happened to find the perfect beach day!

It was absolutely gorgeous all day.

 This little guy decided to have breakfast with us one morning...

Graduation day for all the lovely 4th years. That day was a big day. 

This years graduation was a special one. When we first moved here, they were 1st years, which means we have seen them walk every step of the way towards this graduation. They've  worked so hard and today their goal was finally accomplished.

Ethan moved back to the States for college. We spent our last week with him trying to get him as much time with his friends as possible...

Our Haitian friends were sad to see him go. We moved here when E was only 13, and now he's all grown up (and incredibly tall!).

I already miss him like crazy and I know this next year isn't gonna be the same without him. He is a special kid. 

thanks for reading :)

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  1. Great as Always!!! I know you miss your big brother but know that we are taking very good care of him and that we are loving having him here with us.