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The Heckman family serving the Lord in Haiti at Emmaus Biblical Seminary

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

All that I own

Two of our beloved students just got married the other day.

Phida and Nosebin <3

Mom and I had the privilege of singing at their wedding. Phida sings with Mom and me in chapel, and the songs she requested us sing on her special day were her favorites from chapel :)

This is the start of team season. In fact, we have a team here right now! So far this week we've visited Streethearts! (http://www.streetheartshaiti.org)

 Usually we spend the majority of our time with the kiddos, but these past two days have been more focused on the staff. We had a Bible study with the staff where they asked TONS of great questions, and Junior was right there, opening the Word and showing them answers. It was just incredible. At one point Bob (a team member) asked how they could live for Jesus today. I was surprised by one of the answers we received. He said, "I will love Jesus with all of my heart, all of my strength, all of my mind, and with all that I own." All that I own. I have never heard anyone say that before. This guys have nothing. The staff of Streethearts come from the street, and thats why its so easy for the boys to relate to them. These guys live in the ghettos, the lowest of the low, and he says that he will love God with all he owns. Its amazing to me that people with so little are willing to hand everything over to God. And then you have me, who has more than I need, and who clings onto everything, unwilling to let God have what I own. I am learning so much from the humble men and women God has surrounded me with. 

I love that place. The boys that live there are so sweet considering all they've been through. If you don't know anything about Streethearts, its an organization in Cap Haitien for boys who live on the street. It provides them a loving home, and a chance to get to know Jesus more. One of the activities we did with the boys this week was writing down our issues or problems on a piece of paper and nailing it to the cross. I helped the little boys who didn't know how to write yet. After a lesson with Joe (another team member), we removed the papers from the cross and burned them. 

Streethearts needs prayer. The kind of ministry they do is incredibly difficult. Street boys have been through so much. They are scared and turn to violence and crime because they don't know any different. Even when they are placed in the program, they still have their old lives calling their names. Its so hard to stay walking the straight and narrow when turning away is so easy. Please keep the staff and the boys constantly in your prayers. 

thanks for reading <3 


  1. I can't wait to go there one day. Love you, Haylie Girl!! You are an amazing writer and with such strong faith. Stay the path. I know God has big plans for you.

  2. I can ditto what your grandma said! You must be learning so much about life and how we who have much cannot always understand how someone with very little can want to share it with something. Keep up your good work, Haylie. I enjoy your posts.

  3. That should say someone in the 4th line. Sorry. I guess I need a proof reader. MM