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The Heckman family serving the Lord in Haiti at Emmaus Biblical Seminary

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Gift of Friendship... & 39 Days and Counting!

Today marks 39 days until we leave for Haiti!

I ended our last post with a cliffhanger... a "to-be-continued" story about the amazing blessing God has provided for our family... and now for the big reveal!

When we arrived at OMS on Sunday evening, after dropping off our stuff in the apartment and getting settled in for a bit, we joined the other missionaries (24 adults and 15 children!) who are also attending CROSS training for a meet-and-greet picnic. It was a great time of food and fellowship! 

We had no idea what God had in store for us upon arriving at the picnic pavilion that night!  Shortly after sitting down to our meal we were informed that another family who is also going to Haiti was at CROSS training with us!  Within a few minutes we were introduced to the Gross Family... it was at that moment we knew that God had answered yet ANOTHER prayer!

As many of you know (and quite possibly experienced yourself), big transition in anyone's life can be a difficult time, but big transition during a teenager's life can be extremely difficult!  Ethan is the kind of kid who likes routine, appreciates consistency...  when we shared with him what God was laying on our hearts to do...  to move our family from South Jersey (the only area he has ever lived in) to Haiti, from school to home school, from being surrounded by familiar faces, family and friends to a place where new relationships and friendships would need to be built... needless to say, he didn't take it very well.

Although time has allowed Ethan to adjust and to accept this call, he has been anything but excited about this new journey.  Our prayer has been that CROSS training would be the experience that he would need to help him to not just be okay with this, but to be joyful about this calling that God has placed on our family....

And THAT is JUST ONE REASON why meeting the Gross family was a HUGE answer to prayer!  Since our introduction last Sunday, our kids (and us parents!) have been INSEPARABLE!  I could tell you about all of the fun they are having, but I prefer to just show you...

First I want to show you what OMS did for Ethan... yeah not one... but TWO birthday cakes!  This was the beginning of an AWESOME day...

This is Ethan, Caleb and Samuel eating lunch together in the cafeteria (as always!).. I have no idea where Ethan gets his silliness from...

The kids playing four square together (the weather has been BEAUTIFUL!)...

Hannah and Haylie join them in this picture (which is another HUGE blessing.. the girls are the same age, both love riding bikes and being outdoors... yeah- pretty awesome right!!!!) God not only blessed Ethan but Haylie too!

The Gross Family's youngest, Sarah, joins the pile-up!

For Ethan's big 13th birthday we took him to Incredible Pizza- an awesome place in Greenwood, with a BIG buffet, TONS of games and  LOTS of fun to be had! (AND an OMS special rate got us the buffet for $5.50 a person! WOO-HOO!)

This picture shows all of us getting ready to go play a lively game of Laser Tag! (well.. except for me, since I was taking the picture!)

The kids riding Go-Karts around the "Indianapolis 500" track!...

And bowling...  

By the way...  Ethan told me that this was his best birthday EVER!

On Friday night, we went out to a little frozen yogurt place called Ella's where the kids enjoyed a special treat (thanks to our prayer sponsors who blessed the kids with gift cards there!)

As you can see better in pictures than if I told you myself, our families have become dear friends in just the short time we have been here at CROSS Training...  not just our kids, but Phil and I are SO blessed by the friendship that we are building with Steve and Melissa too!

God has given us a GIFT, one that was completely unexpected (which are always the best!).

We are continually grateful for how our Father takes care of us... he knows our hearts and desires to meet the deepest needs in our lives.

Last night, before bed, I asked Ethan if he was ready... if he was getting excited about this new adventure...

and with a smile on his face he said...



I am so overwhelmed with how God continues to bless our family throughout this journey!
I can't help but feel like the psalmist...

Psalm 40:5 says this,

"You have multiplied, O LORD my God,
Your wondrous deeds and Your thoughts toward us;
none can compare with You!

I will proclaim and tell of them,
yet they are more than can be told."

2 Haiti 4 Him.


  1. Ohhhh yay!! I'm so glad to hear:)


  2. I am so, so happy for you guys. Praise God! This is amazing.
    --Emily R.