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The Heckman family serving the Lord in Haiti at Emmaus Biblical Seminary

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

And the countdown begins.... 43 days til take off!

Today marks 43 days until we are on a plane headed to Haiti... Can you even believe it?

I used to get frustrated as a kid when adults would say how fast time is flying, but now that I am an adult (I use that term loosely!  haha!)... I totally understand and relate to that statement- time feels like it is literally FLYING BY!

In fact, I couldn't believe when I finally sat down to blog that it had been nearly two months since my last post!!  Where does the time go???

Right now, I am sitting in the dining room in the apartment we are staying in at One Mission Society World Headquarters in Indiana.  We finished our third day of CROSS Training and are already overwhelmed (in a good way!) with so much information to process...  

But before I get into that, I want to take you on a bit of a journey of what our days leading up to CROSS training looked like!

Last week was spent packing up LOTS of stuff!  Boxes for storage, rubbermaids for Haiti, suitcases for Indiana...  

The closets are looking quite bare these days...

Just before we left for Indiana, on Saturday night, we had a special birthday celebration for Ethan, who is turning 13 tomorrow.... and YES, you heard that right... 13 YEARS OLD!  (Again the whole "time is flying" thing is hitting me hard these days!!)

We knew that he would want to celebrate in New Jersey with family since we would be away from home during his big day... and what a great night it was!  

The next morning, we left our house around 4:45am to begin our long, nearly 12-hour journey out to Greenwood, Indiana.  The ONLY exciting thing about being up at that time is this...

Nothing beats seeing the sun rise!

And what a beautiful sight it was to see...

... although the kids didn't see too much of anything before 8am!!!

Whenever we go out to Indiana, Cabela's always seems to call us to stop in and explore! (If you have never been to a Cabela's, you are missing out!)   This time we decided to make a quick stop before lunch... it is always FUN!

After arriving in Indiana on Sunday evening, we enjoyed a picnic and fellowship time with OMS staff and fellow missionaries who are also participating in CROSS training.  It was a wonderful night that started a truly GREAT experience so far!

Monday morning we started with a basic overview of OMS Core Values, and a very informative and helpful discussion about thinking through and expressing our feelings and needs throughout this transition period.  The end of Monday and all day yesterday, we turned our attention onto discovering our ministry identities, and learning how we can most effectively minister and serve on the mission field.  

Each day we have specific seminars and workshops designed to help us serve God and His people most effectively, while also learning how to best take care of ourselves so that we can truly care for others...

There is SO much more that I would like to share, but I am going to save that for future blog posts!

BUT don't worry... From here on out, you will be hearing from us much more often!  Our desire is to share with you every couple days about what God is doing and how He is working in our lives throughout this training and transition time!

God is doing AMAZING things in our hearts and lives, and in our next post, we will share about how God has provided a HUGE unexpected blessing in our lives and the lives of our children!

Stay tuned as we continue to count down the days before we go...

2 Haiti 4 Him!

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