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The Heckman family serving the Lord in Haiti at Emmaus Biblical Seminary

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Praise God for Community!

This past week has been full of activities (as usual) here at EBS…

With all of our visiting professors gone now, things have settled into a new pace… and even though it is LOTS of work to have visitors here- between cooking and cleaning and laundry-  we love it!  We miss our guests and are so grateful for the time we were able to have with each one of them over the past 6 weeks.

God has definitely built us for community and at EBS we thrive on community!

Even though all of the VPs have left, we still have a few guests and they are an absolute joy to have around!  Rod, who has come here with Men for Missions to help with the apartment, has been a huge blessing.  He and Uncle Don (a dear friend of ours from church!) have been working TIRELESSLY alongside of Phil and Sam to get the apartment finished for Ryan and Cheyenne….

Look at how much has been accomplished!...
(Sam's dad came for a visit and started the work on the cabinets… they look great!)


and speaking of Ryan and Cheyenne… they arrived yesterday morning!  Woohoo!  We are so very happy that they are joining us here and are excited for them as they embark on a new journey, just like we did nearly 6 months ago!

With that being said… this coming weekend is our 6 month anniversary and I can hardly believe it…  6 months!  Where does the time go!?!?  We can't believe how much growing has happened since we first arrived…

our kids have grown taller (and grown closer to one another and their friends here)
our relationships with our missionary friends have grown deeper
and the times we spend with our Haitian friends have grown richer with each passing day!

Community is where it's at!

Here are some pictures of the amazing community that we have here at EBS (and with our OMS family in Vaudreuil) and the life that we have been sharing- just the past few weeks!

Meals around our table...

with guests: Larry, Jerry, Enick, Brent, Jake and Pam
and also with Chris, Nigel, Tim and Leroy

and even a special Valentine dinner with heart shaped pizzas...  Sofie and Lily sure do LOVE Uncle Don!

Hanging out at the beach together…

(Ethan, Caleb and Samuel always have a BLAST together!)

Fellowship with OMS mission teams coming to serve here in Haiti through work, evangelism and radio distribution...

Listening as the students learned and discussed together about what revival looks like in Haiti…

 (This conference was led by Peter Burritt, a pastor of 18 years from Canada)

Getting together with our friends, Simeon, Lémé and Junior is something we SO look forward to...

 Each time we get together we spend time eating, sharing stories, playing games, and laughing together… A LOT!!!  They are such a blessing to us and to our kids!

 We introduced the guys to 2 new games this past week… Clue… 

and Jenga…  (I LOVE the suspenseful look on Lémé's face!)  It was a blast!

not only is our "people" community growing…

but the community of goats continues to grow too! 

We are up to 10 baby goats now… and 2 more VERY pregnant goats!  Those babies are SO stinkin' cute!

This idea of community has been on my heart recently and something that I am exceedingly thankful for here at Emmaus.  God built us to be together, to learn together, to serve together, to lean on one another and share the load…  time and time again I am thanking Him for community.

We are blessed with community…  God desires for ALL of us to live in community.

Who is your community? 

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