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The Heckman family serving the Lord in Haiti at Emmaus Biblical Seminary

Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Start of Something Good!

As you know, we have officially started our youth ministry training here in Haiti, to the students/pastors here at Emmaus. They are so hungry for training and resources and are eating it up!!! It has been such a blessing, just in the 4 weeks since we started we are seeing excitement in their eyes and a yearning for resources and help to reach their youth for Christ!   We are truly seeing that this is the start of something goodreally good!

This group of students, all in their 20's and 30's have become our own youth group and we LOVE our time with them! (we have found that the term "youth" here can span from 11-40- even though they are pastors, they are still a bunch of youth themselves- and we LOVE that because SO ARE WE!) The students have asked us to show to them, work with them, and create in them a "model youth group"!  

They LOVE the games and object lessons we are teaching and can't wait to take them back to their own youth groups.   We have already seen the ways these games and team-building exercises are bringing them together!

Our desire in all of this training is to instill in them the importance of building relationships with their youth and the youth in their communities, mentoring them, equipping parents, building teams,  and MOST importantly- focusing on JESUS being the CENTER of their ministry.

Next semester we plan to get into more intensive training as well as visit our student's youth ministry programs and help to facilitate their programs and come alongside of them to help build sustainable ministries. We are planning a mini-retreat over Christmas break with the desire to begin to form a tight-knit group of students, who are all working toward a common goal of discipling youth, and who can be a support system for one another as they serve!

Your prayers as we plan are SO much appreciated. Our desire is not to bring an "American model" of youth ministry to Haiti- but a Christ centered model. Unfortunately, the American church has done much to hurt the country of Haiti (completely unintentional, but still very much the truth). It is our hearts' desire to see Haiti be revived- to see these pastors begin a reformation of their churches!  It's so easy to get caught up in religion and doctrine and programs. Sometimes ministry can feel overwhelming- in Haiti, in the States, or anywhere that we are serving- but when we begin to feel it,  the Holy Spirit softly reminds us that HE is going to do the work, we just need to be faithful! 

No matter how difficult your ministry may be, how hard the soil is where you are working, how underpaid or understaffed you may feel, never forget that God goes before you and that you need only to lay your concerns and frustrations and situations at His feet and allow Him to direct you and lead you as He sees fit.   Sitting quietly at His feet is not easy in a world that tells us we must go, go, go… but we cannot go without Him!

We ask for your continued prayers as we seek wisdom and direction in the coming year, and we also ask for prayer for the pastors here at Emmaus Biblical Seminary, as well as the  people of Haiti- those who are in Christ and those who are still in darkness.   Ministry is NOT easy… no matter where you are serving.  But the reward of seeing people come to faith in Jesus Christ and grow in their relationship with Him is a blessing beyond words.

Thank you for your continual prayer support and love as we serve alongside of these amazing people! 

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